Explore apps created with AIBots

Travel Itinerary Generator

Generate your travel plan with AI. Just enter the city you are going and number of days you plan to visit.


Helping farmers with agriculture related queries.

Explain me

Send me a topic and let AI explain you the concept like you are a 5 year old kid.

Explain this Excel Formula

Send me any excel formula and i will reply with the explanation of what it does.

Excel Formula Creator

Create excel formulas based on your query

.com Domain Generator

Get .com domain for your next startup with ai.

Tweet Generator

Generate viral tweet on the given topic.

Human to SQL Translator

Convert your natural language queries into SQL code effortlessly with AI.

Bible AI

Get life solutions from the Holy Bible.

Gita AI

Get solutions to your life's problems from the holy Hindu Bhagawad Gita.

Grammar Checker

Rewrite your sentence with proper grammar.

Movie Quotes

Get inspired from movies with Quotes from your given movie.

Book Summary

Do you also struggle with reading books? Get some motivation with book summaries.

Book Quotes

Get quotes from any book.

Should i build this or not?

Enter your idea and let AI decide whether you should build that or not.

Ai Email Writer

Let Ai write your Emails

Job description Generator

Generate a job description based on the job title.

Upwork Proposal Generator

Still thinking what to write proposals for your next job? Let AI Write it for you.

BMI Checker

Know your BMI (Body mass index)

Indian Recipe Generator

Generate Indian Recipe based on items you have.

WeightLoss Plan Generator

Generate a weightloss plan for yourself with AI.

Startup Idea generator

Generates a startup idea based on the Category given.

Bot Idea Generator

Generate a bot idea based on the Category.

Workout Plan Generator

Generate a workout plan based on your preference.

Business plan creator

Create a business plan based on the idea you give.

Recipe Generator

Generate recipes based on items you have

Roast this Website

Want a feedback on your website? let Ai roast it.

Email Generator

No need to think about what to write in an email. Just send us what your subject of the email is and let AI give you the email.